Why Postignano?

The list of “why” is long, too long to be summarized in one page.
For this reason we have selected below, just a glimpse of these reasons, but we invite you to visit us to truly appreciate all the others.

Because spending a few days at the Castle of Postignano is a unique opportunity to relive rhythms and atmospheres of a time, walk to explore the village or the surrounding countryside, stopping in your library, drink an herbal tea by the fireplace or enjoy a good wine from Umbria, making bread or pizza in the oven of the village, are a way to take a dip in a time past and enjoy warm hospitality, forgetting the stresses of everyday life, and restoring mind and body.

Because the apartments available are just waiting to find people that are able to enjoy the perfect silence of the night, a sky
untroubled by the lights of the city or of the streets, where even the smallest stars show all their beauty, of intact nature, for passionate people that still can dream, looking for a place rich in history where you can relax and lulled by the untouched nature, participating in the life of the village between art venues and new friends, all without forgetting all the equipment and services designed for maximum comfort and relaxation!
Postignano becomes your haven of serenity in the middle of the most beautiful Village in the world.

Because this project is also aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the great tourism potential of the area, and wants to
make an investment aimed at the market of “tourist rentals” of a high-level, aimed at customers who are looking for short periods, such as one week a month or more, in the ancient houses surrounded by greenery, but equipped with all the latest equipment as well as all the services necessary for maximum comfort and relaxation! An investment made in this respect, in addition to ensuring a high potential profitability, it also leaves the opportunity at any time to personally use your apartment, or for your own family or friends. If you wish, we deal directly with the management of leases, you will not have to think about anything, except to enjoy your investment!

Because 12 apartments have been already furnished, each in one of these three styles:

  • elegant country
  • elegant urban
  • minimalist

You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Because for all the apartments in addition, customers can choose whether to give their own touch to furniture, personally choosing the kitchen, the finish of the bathrooms, all with a luxury frame already existing, that is wonderful working fireplaces, magnificent coffered ceilings and with exposed beams, solid wood doors, and much more. Or you can choose to buy a property with furnishings currently present, all or in part, or seek the assistance of the village architects to choose different materials, furniture and furnishings.

But that’s not all, because for some of the apartments can still have architectural changes, such as, having a one more bedroom exploiting the living room, or join the kitchen to the living room, or get an extra bathroom.

Because all of our apartments are guaranteed for 10 (ten) years!

Because we can help you purchase, mortgages with very favorable terms!

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